Good Stimulation Toys For Dogs

Nothing better than seeing our dog happy

For this, it is necessary to offer a series of products in order to enrich the environment where he spends most of his time.

Unfortunately, many dogs spend a good part of the day alone while the parents fulfill their obligations outside the home, and if they are not stimulated physically and mentally in the right way, they can present some behavioral problems, in addition to the possibility of developing separation anxiety and stress. Of course, it is not only in this scenario that dogs need entertainment, after all, no one can dedicate themselves to the pet 24 hours a day.

After talking a little about the types of environmental enrichment for dogs, we list some great product tips to satisfy all their senses. Check out:

Interactive Toy KONG Classic

  • Recognized as one of the most recommended toys by veterinarians and behaviorists
  • With hollow interior so that it can be filled
  • Irregular shape to increase the level of interaction
  • Non-abrasive or aggressive to the pet’s teeth
  • Excellent option for environmental food enrichment
  • Ideal for long-term entertainment

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

  •  Provides physical and mental well-being at mealtime
  •  Decreases the risk of choking, vomiting, gastritis, dilation and twisting of the stomach, obesity and its complications
  • Anti-stress

Dog Puzzle Toy Stimulating Interactive Treat Dispensing Game

  •  MDF board
  • Activates the pet’s instincts
  • Improves physical and mental well-being

Boen Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toys

  • Interactive
  • Resistant
  • Ideal to stimulate your pet
  • It arouses curiosity
  • Stimulates concentration

Dog Toy Training Silicone Frisbee

  • Resistant
  • Floats on water

Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dog

  • Ideal for carrying out playing games
  • In addition to having fun, it encourages the practice of physical exercise
  • Reduces anxiety and depression

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