Reasons Why Your Dog Should Be Losing Weight

Canine obesity is a serious problem.

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Before we start talking about this, it is important that you know that your dog must have an ideal weight, neither too thin nor too fat. Canine obesity is a serious problem that can lead to various health complications and shorten your puppy’s life.

Like us humans, putting on weight is not a matter of eating more calories to achieve this goal. It is important to have QUALITY in food to gain weight healthily and without any harm to life. So if you feed your dog the wrong way, like giving sweets, fat (cheese) or bread, you can do a lot of harm to your dog and even make him diabetic.

Reasons for the dog to be losing weight

Poor quality feed

It is important that you give your dog a Super Premium ration. Standard and Premium diets have less nutritional quality and may not meet all your dog’s needs.

Poorly Made Natural Food

AN is a style of eating made with natural foods instead of feed. However, it is necessary that the menu is prepared by a nutritionist veterinarian and not from the tutor’s head. Guardians do not usually know the nutrients needed for your dog, so medical monitoring is very important.


Food scraps

Many people substitute food for leftover food, thinking they are doing a good for the dog. But our food is not suitable for dogs, we have different organisms. Here’s why you shouldn’t give your dog leftover food.


Some diseases cause dogs to lose weight or have difficulty gaining weight. Before despairing, take your dog to the vet for a complete checkup and eliminate health problems.

Feed rejection

Some dogs may get sick of their food and refuse to eat. Refusal of food can also be due to pain, illness or even heat.

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