All About Your German Shepard

The German Shepherd is one of the most known and appreciated breeds in the world

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As the name implies, the German Shepherd breed is originally from Germany and the predecessors of that breed date from the 12th century. From the 19th century onwards, a cavalry officer named Max von Stephantiz decided to use his retirement to create a uniform and excellent breed.

His aim was to bring together all the best characteristics of sheepdogs existing in the different regions of Germany in order to arrive at a perfect breed. His goal was achieved with praise and today the German Shepherd is one of the most known and appreciated breeds in the world!

Even though it quickly gained the world, at the time of the First World War anything that referred to the Germans was stigmatized, so at that time the American Kennel Club changed the name of the breed from German Shepherd to Shepherd Dog and in England it came to be called Wolf of Alsace. However, in 1921, the AKC resumed the name German Shepherd, but in England it was not called again until 1977.

After that event, German Shepherd dogs became even more famous. The various appearances on TV and in the cinema, mainly with Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepherd star of his own television program, made them very desired examples.


The height varies from
57 to 62 cm


Weight varies from
30 to 43 kg


The German Shepherd has a semi-long and well-settled coat. Their colors can vary a lot between black with brown, gold, yellow and gray marks. A registered trademark of this breed consists of the black coat that covers the animal’s back, as if it were a cape, so can also be known as the German Shepherd “Black Cap”. They shed a lot of hair and throughout the year, so daily brushing is essential for removing dead hair. A vacuum cleaner around the house is also very welcome


Despite being a very active and healthy dog, some diseases are more common among dogs of this breed: Coxofemoral Dysplasia (kind of wrong fitting in the hip joint), Degenerative Myelopathy (serious disease that causes disorders in the spinal cord), dermatitis and Furunculosa Folliculitis . Coxofemoral dysplasia is quite common in several breeds and consists of a malformation in the hip joint that causes discomfort, pain, can cause the dog to limp, have locomotion problems and worsen with age. Early diagnosis prevents the dog from suffering so much, since preventive treatment for this condition, which is usually genetic, can be done. Not allowing your pet to take cold or walking on very smooth surfaces can help. Because German shepherds have erect, poorly protected ears, they can often get ear infections. Cleaning your ears with specific pet products every week is ideal for checking for wax buildup or more serious problems.


Anyone who knows a German Shepherd dog will surely fall in love. They are exemplary dogs. Extremely faithful (one of its main characteristics), intelligent, active, protective, loving, obedient, elegant, courageous, curious and, of course, super cute! Stephantiz was very careful in creating such a complete breed. However, before any characteristic and in front of any breed denomination they are dogs and how good their furry personality will depend a lot on the way they are raised by their family. Despite being faithful and affectionate, the German Shepherd is a large and very defensive breed, so it is important to start training from an early age so that the dog develops a balanced temperament. Keeping them always active with games and physical activities is essential so that they do not get bored and do not become destructive.


The German Shepherd is one of the most intelligent breeds in the world and occupies the number three position in the ranking of the book The Intelligence of Dogs, by Stanley Coren. As fidelity is the highlight of the Pastor’s personality, he will learn very quickly at the controls in order to please his tutor. And more than just learning fast, it will record easily and always respond to your commands with enthusiasm. Begin training from the first months of the dog’s life. The German Shepherd puppy, like any puppy, can only be separated from the mother after complete weaning because, among other important factors, in these first days of life the mother passes on some lessons to her puppies that will make all the difference at the time of live with your puppy.

Life Expectation

The life expectancy of the German Shepherd breed is between 10 and 14 years. By following all the instructions on how to raise your furry friend in the best way, in addition to constant visits to the veterinarian, you can be sure that your four-legged child will have a long and healthy life.


German shepherds just want to please their humans and the best thing you can offer them is love. Of course, making sure your furry friend has a healthy life is part of that care. The German Shepherd, as the name implies, has its origins in herding, so he has to always remain active and feel useful. Stimulating games are great for keeping your friend balanced. Searching for the ball, hiding objects and taking walks every day will make you very happy and tired in the right measure. However, if your dog has problems like the Coxofemoral Dysplasia mentioned above, it is important not to strain his paws. Find out with your veterinarian what physical activities are most suitable for each degree of the disease. A high quality and balanced diet will ensure that your dog does not increase weight and is always with firm and shiny hair. In addition, regular brushing of teeth is essential to prevent the appearance of plaque (tartar).


The black coat on the back with golden marks on the rest of the body is very characteristic of the German Shepherd breed, in addition to representing the vast majority of dogs, but they can also have completely black or completely white hair (although the latter is not recognized American Kennel Club). The German Shepherd is a breed so intelligent and obedient that they learn a command after just five repetitions, on average. Because it is easy to train, the German Shepherd is a very popular breed to play roles on TV and in the cinema as the famous Rin Tin Tin and more recently as a companion of the star Will Smith in the film “I am the Legend”, among others.

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