Dog Food Without Dye

Have you considered opting for dye-free food?

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Our pets deserve a healthy diet, rich in nutrients and of course, very tasty! To offer this to them it is essential to know the composition of the food.

In addition to being a healthy option, the food without dye is indicated by veterinarians for dogs that have a tendency to develop food allergies. There are options for all stages of the dog’s life: puppies, adults and also for the elderly.

Bearing in mind that the nutritional needs of dogs change according to age and therefore, the type of feed offered must accompany its development.

How to choose food without dye?

Just not having dyes does not guarantee that the ration is of quality. Look for enriched and balanced foods that offer health benefits to your pet. Give preference to diets with selected ingredients, prebiotics and calcium – this essential for the development of bones and teeth of puppies. Also, pay attention to the sources of carbohydrates and proteins.

Quality proteins provide high levels of nutritional use. It is worth remembering that they help in the production and regularization of hormones, in the renewal of organ structures, repair of muscles and formation of skin cells.

The consumption of carbohydrates in canine food contributes to a better functioning of the organism. Ingredients present in the feed such as omega 3 and rice, are excellent sources of carbohydrate.

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