Dog Homeopathy: What You Should Know About It

A therapy that takes care of the animal as a whole

Dog homeopathy, like that used in humans, is a therapy that takes care of the animal as a whole, treating the body, mind and vital energy. Unlike conventional medicines that treat the symptoms of diseases, pet homeopathy balances the organism of the animal. The remedies used in dog homeopathy are made with diluted and energized animal, vegetable or mineral substances.

The power of florals

Florals and other homeopathic remedies for dogs balance the organism of the animal, resulting in a healthier dog, less susceptible to diseases and able to heal more easily. The animal’s energy imbalance increases susceptibility to diseases and the use of the homeopathic remedy for dogs results in general improvement in health, from a flu or skin allergy to aggressive or anxious behavior.

Care and conservation

The side effects of dog homeopathy medications are less than conventional treatments and are often nonexistent. Although they are excellent for animals of all ages and physical conditions, only a veterinarian can indicate the best treatment.

Conservation is an essential point for its safety and effectiveness. The homeopathic remedy for dogs should be kept at room temperature, away from the sun and other sources of heat. It should also be removed from appliances such as, phones and televisions, and chemicals such as disinfectants.

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