Eye Drops For Dogs

Some precautions are important to avoid eye diseases and problems in the animal’s eyes: Eye Drops may be a solution for it!

Pollution and dry weather are some of the most common causes for veterinarians to indicate eye drops for dogs with irritated eyes. In addition to lubricating the eyes, there are several types of eye drops for dogs that treat eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, cataracts and inflammations.

Lubricating eye drops for dogs

Lubricating eye drops for dogs is a medication used to moisturize, improving the sensation of dry eyes. It also removes eye secretions resulting from disease, dry weather, pollution and trauma, such as sand or dust in the eyes. Eye drops and cleaning solutions stimulate the production of tears by improving hydration and lubricating the eyes.

Eye drops liquid and ointment

Liquid dog eye drops are the most common form of presentation of the drug. Practical to be administered, it is found in several versions and should never be used without the prescription of a veterinarian. Ophthalmic ointments also used to treat inflammation, infections and eye irritations. Always consult your trusted veterinarian for expert advice.

Tips for use

The form of application varies from one product to the other, being essential to read the package insert and the veterinarian’s guidance. Some treatments recommend cleaning the eye with saline, while others only use eye drops for dogs. Some tips can help in the administration of the medication and are valid for anti-inflammatory eye drops for dogs, as well as for lubricating eye drops for dogs, both in the drop version.

Hold the animal in a hug so that your hands are close to the dog’s eyes. Hold the lower part of the animal’s jaw with the palm of your hand up and, with your thumb, pull the eyelid. Use the number of drops indicated by the veterinarian. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly with water and salon before and after application and reward the animal with a snack for good behavior.

Tear cleaner

It is not uncommon for spots to form around the eyes and on the muzzles of light-haired dogs caused by the acidity of tears. The tear cleaner is indicated by veterinarians for hygiene and aesthetic improvement, brightening the place. This product should never be used inside the eye as a dog eye drop.


Some precautions are important to avoid eye diseases and problems in the animal’s eyes. In addition to being liable to a fine, driving with the animal with the head out of the vehicle increases the chance of disease due to the strong and direct wind in the animal’s eyes.

Eyes with swelling, redness, discharge and itching are indications of irritation and possible eye diseases. If your pet shows symptoms, take it to the veterinarian. Only a professional is trained to prescribe medications and indicate treatments.

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