All About Your Chinese Crested Dog

Exotic by nature.

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One thing is certain: no one is indifferent to see a puppy of this breed in its (almost) hairless version! Exotic by nature, the Chinese Crested Dog can be found in the furry version, but it is in the most “shorn” version that it is most successful. Quite cheerful, elegant and intelligent, he is an excellent companion and will always try to curl up in your lap in search of affection. At home or on walks, he loves to jump, climb and dig, so it’s good to keep the environment protected and use guides when you go out – eyes fixed on him! The short one of approximately 30 cm moves very fast and is somewhat stubborn, it can be a tough task to recapture him in an escape attempt.


The height varies from

25 to 34 cm


Weight varies from

2 to 6 kg


Visual highlight of the canine, the almost hairless version only has a long coat on the head (the famous “crest”) and on the legs. In the other version (powderpuff) the undercoat is woolly and the coat is long, fine and silky, which adorns the dog like a veil, and does not require much special care. A surprise is that even in the version with few hairs, they usually fall in large quantities and you need to keep them trimmed. Another curiosity is that the Chinese Crested Dog tolerates heat very well and, contrary to what is imagined, it is not essential to treat its smooth skin with canine creams or sunscreens (except when recommended by the veterinarian), regular baths are usually enough to keep your skin healthy.


In general it is a dog in good health, special care is in relation to oral health, since it is common to appear problems such as loss of teeth in adulthood. In addition, dogs of this breed have small, dowel-shaped teeth that can lean in front of the mouth and cause chewing problems, for example. Tolerant to heat, the Chinese Crested Dog barely tolerates the cold and needs a warm environment on the coldest days.


Very attached to the family, he will cheer you up, invite you to play, jump on your lap and be your shadow wherever you go, with a dose of jealousy every now and then. With strangers he is suspicious and needs a little time before he feels safe, so early training is recommended so that he does not receive visits with bites. He is considered a guard dog and will instinctively protect the house, warning of the presence of any stranger. Calm when you are around, tend to be anxious in your absence and increase the amount of barking, take care that the loneliness times are not long or he may develop destructive habits.


As noted above, the Chinese Crested Dog is intelligent, but on the other hand somewhat stubborn. First, gain his confidence and make him fall in love with you, the answers you expect will come with constant training in addition to positive reinforcement and a lot of sensitivity in the hours of corrections. The use of toys and crates is highly recommended.

Life Expectation

The little one always alert lives, on average, 14 years.


Socialization needs to start early so that the puppy does not become shy or fearful. It is a more homely dog ​​and requires minimal exercise, but mental stimulation is very important, bet on the most varied games and on short walks, which also help in socializing.


Despite the name, the Chinese Crested Dog does not have its Asian origin and evolved from African or Mexican dogs – there is not much certainty about that – and were reduced in size by the Chinese, who chose them as a company for sea voyages in the 16th century for his excellent hunting skills. They became famous in the USA thanks to the famous striptease Gypsy Lee Rose, who had several of them because she said that they looked half-naked.

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