First time dog owner common mistakes to be avoided

If you are new to the world of owning a dog, the experience can feel a bit intimidating at first

For most new pet owners, building chemistry with the pet and getting them to obey commands are usually the initial points where challenges are experienced.

More times than not, new dog owners make some avoidable mistakes in handling their dogs. Some of these mistakes include not exposing the dog to adequate socialization, poor exercise routine, allowing the pet to add on too much weight and poor grooming.

In this article, we highlight five common new dog owners’ mistakes and tips to avoid them.


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Not Setting Rules And Boundaries

This is a bad way to let your dog grow. Lack of rules and discipline often leads to a poorly cultured dog. So, when you bring your new pet home, be sure to teach him to obey certain house rules regularly, and encourage him with rewards when he behaves right.

It is also necessary to discuss the boundaries or limits your dog should have with your family before bringing in one. Meanwhile, the set of rules and disciplinary measures you intend to administer should be consistent and not confusing to the dog.

Poor Exercise Routine

Sometimes, new dog owners often forget to factor in the exercise needs of their new pets before bringing them home. This often leads to the dog having to face boredom. Some breeds like the Belgian Malinois and many other protection dogs depend on a lot of exercises (at least 30 minutes every day) to perform well. Moreover, they can cause some unsightly mess when starved of adequate exercise.

In fact, most dogs require a healthy dose of exercise to stay mentally and socially active. Bad behaviors begin to creep in when exercise is insufficient. Common ways to keep your dog exercised are; daily walks, physical training, running, and dog games.

Allowing The Dog Get Overweight

Dog obesity is a common problem among pet owners! Most American dog owners have had to or are grappling with this challenge. In most cases, the dog owners indulge the dog with too much food without realizing it.

Lack of exercise is also a cause. This could also arise from poorly formulated dog foods. Therefore, you might want to watch for the right pet foods and avoid high carbohydrate content.

Inadequate Vet Visits

You cannot overlook this. Regular checkups are important for the well-being of your dog. Skipping vet visits exposes your pet to an increased risk of getting sick. Remember, the fact that your dog is looking healthy is not a reason to assume that he is fine.

Poor Socializing

Part of the training your puppy needs is learning to socialize with others, including other pets. It is as serious as it sounds! It would be best if you began this as soon as the dog arrives at your home. Neglecting this will most likely lead to a wanton show of aggression and negative behavior.

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