Should I get a dog? Things you need to know.

If you don’t have a dog at home yet and are wondering whether it’s time to get one, then it can be a tough decision to make.

People have dogs for many purposes. Whether it is to have a life companion, to have emotional support and assistance, for protection, or for herding and farm work, the human-animal bond that people have established with dogs over the years has deepened further into a complex, profound connection.

Choosing to have a dog may seem like a pretty big leap – and it is! Decisions such as these need a lot of considerations to be made, for both your sake and the animal’s. Before any potential pet owner makes a final decision, here is some food for thought.


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Time is Gold, But Patience is a Virtue

The first thing that people tend to ask their friends who are thinking about getting a dog is, “Do you have the time for it?” It is a valid question; taking care of a dog really takes time off your daily schedule. You need to feed it and give it walks everyday, as well as regularly play with it and give it baths – and these are just the bare essentials. However, more than just time, a new furparent should have infinite patience for dealing with their furbaby especially when things go wrong – and they definitely will.

The general rule is that it takes three days for a new dog to adjust to its new home and family; three weeks to start building a routine out of its new life, and three months to accept you and your family as its new home. Expect your dog to act up, make a mess, and ignore your affection. During these trying times, it is important to be patient and understand what they are going through.

The More Flexible Your Budget, The Better

Owning a pet is a privilege. Responsible pet ownership entails that you and your dog should share a mutually beneficial relationship. Before even thinking about getting a dog, try to make an estimated computation of how much you will need to spend each month to keep your pet happy, well-fed, clean, comfortable, and protected against diseases.

If your budget is barely enough or just enough that you can’t afford to spend even a little more, then you might have to think twice. Unforeseen circumstances may happen in which you may have to suddenly bring your dog to the vet, and clinic bills as well as medication expenses can pile up quickly. It’s best to always have some money saved for a rainy day.

The Best Lifestyle is One with Your Dog

Are you an introvert who would rather stay at home than take a walk outside, or an extrovert who is always out of the house, hanging out with friends? Does your work require you to work long hours throughout the night, or does it need you to frequently take long trips out of town?

Lifestyle adjustments may have to be made if you seriously want to have a dog. For plans that you make with yourself, your friends, and your professional career, you will always need to take into consideration the well being of your pet pooch. Sometimes, sacrifices may also have to be made.

The Best Relationships are Borne from Long-Term Commitments

Like human relationships, the deepest, most meaningful bond with your pet is developed over a long period of time. Hence, before you finally decide to get a dog, consider whether you are ready for a long-term commitment of caring for it and providing it the best quality of life it can receive. If you are, then congratulations; already, your future best friend is eager to meet you.

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