All About Your Chihuahua

One of the smallest dogs in the world

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Considered one of the smallest dogs in the world, the chihuahua only has no size: its cheeky and playful way makes the human parents of this breed are really in love with their little puppies. It is wrong to think that, due to his small size, he is the fearful type. On the contrary, the chihuahua dog tends to be fearless and full of courage, proving to be brave even for pets that are much larger than him. Created in Mexico in the 19th century as a companion dog, his name is a tribute to the state in which his first dogs appeared.


Although the short-haired chihuahua is the most common, there is also a long-haired chihuahua (which has a slightly wavy coat). Some breeders argue that these seconds are the result of crosses between chihuahuas, yorkshires and papillons, but the truth is that hairy chihuahuas are also a charm! The most popular colors of the breed are fawn, gold and white with gold, but other colors are also officially accepted.


Although a dog with a high life expectancy, the Chihuahua may have some heart problems that deserve attention, as well as eye problems, such as glaucoma. Patella dislocation and hydrocephalus can also affect the breed, so research a lot about the kennel where you intend to buy a pet. Chihuahuas are very sensitive to the cold, and extra care must be taken in winter. When very nervous or stressed, they can shake and feel sick, avoid leaving your pet in uncomfortable situations for him.


The chihuahua usually gets along well with people and other animals, but it is necessary to be careful when playing, because of its small size, it can be easily hurt. Well attached to his humans, he can in some cases prove to be very protective and somewhat reserved with strangers. When in fear, he can attack out of insecurity – watch out for signs! Valiant in itself, the Chihuahua can also get into trouble for fearing nothing and no one. Avoid conflicts that could put your health and physical integrity at risk.


As they are very small and purely companionable dogs, it is somewhat unusual that they train their Chihuahuas. They usually learn quickly tasks such as the place to do the needs, your name and basic commands, which makes your day to day easier. Socializing your puppy chihuahua is very important, as well as getting him used to routine issues, such as noises and varied situations such as receiving visitors and walking on the street. Avoid protecting it and pampering it too much. Remember that even though he is small and more fragile, he is still a dog and has the same needs as any dog.

Life Expectation

Frequent veterinary medical care is sure to make him live well and for a long time. As a small dog, a Chihuahua can live up to 20 years!


Chihuahuas can have many problems with tears, which stain their fur. Frequent cleaning with pet products can alleviate the problem and reduce discomfort. Always keep your pet indoors and, if possible, buy clothes for him to use in the coldest periods. Your teeth can accumulate enough plaque (tartar), resulting in bad breath and more serious problems. Brush the dog’s teeth or perform periodic cleaning with your trusted veterinarian.


The smallest dogs in the world officially recognized by the Book of Records were mostly Chihuahuas. Dogs of this breed have always been popular, but have gained even more space after having participated in films such as “Legally Blonde”, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” and “Chihuahua, the Movie”.

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