All About Your Chow Chow

Chow Chow are extremely furry and super imposing

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Like a bear, chow chow has no way of passing by without attracting attention. Extremely furry and super imposing, this dog of Chinese origin was created in the 100’s to be a guard and traction dog. Strong and very dominant, they stood out like no other dog in the region in these roles.


The height varies from

46 to 56 cm


Weight varies from

24 to 35 kg


With a coat composed of very dense fur and undercoat, some of its tutors end up making “adjustments” to their hairstyle. It is common to see chow chows totally shorn, but doing this with the machine is not recommended for the breed. Ideally, when you trim your hair, the whole process is done using scissors. The technique, in addition to making them very “rounded”, can also prevent the pet from having skin problems and blackening of the region due to the use of the grooming machine. The most common chow chow is golden, but there are other variations such as black, blue, cream and a kind of lead that is very difficult to see.


Chow chow dogs tend to be very healthy, but have a tendency to skin problems, such as dermatitis, for example. Because they are very hairy, when they are not dried properly, they can have problems with fungi – something difficult to identify in such a dense coat. Its folds on the face also deserve special attention for the same reason (they must be very clean and dry). Some specimens may have an eyelid covering their eyes, which in some cases requires corrective plastic surgery. Hip dysplasia (a kind of “wrong fit” in the joint of the femur and hip bone (“hip”) can also be a reality among specimens of this breed. Talk to a veterinarian to find out if your pet has a tendency to Preventive measures taken in advance can make a big difference in the evolution of the disease.


Chow chow often deceives those who do not know the breed very well. His nice bear face is a real invitation for everyone who finds a dog, but make no mistake: chow chow dogs are usually very closed and very suspicious of strangers. It is common, even, reports of dogs that are more aggressive, as they are naturally independent and very dominant dogs, besides being sure of themselves. Socialization work from a puppy is fundamental for any dog, but this should be intensified when we talk about chow chow. Ideally, from a young age he has frequent contact with different people and animals. An intense work of socialization is indicated so that they become docile pets and that they can accompany their human family anywhere. Chow chows usually choose a family member as their favorite and do not usually receive visitors very well, remaining alert and imposing.


Although we cannot generalize, most chow chows are quite stubborn and do not like to be ordered around. It is common that even when puppies they are in the habit of testing and challenging those who try to give them commands, for example. When the dog has a strong bond with its human parents, this tends to be different, responding quite quickly to those it trusts most. Working harshly with a chow chow is never a good idea, since in addition to not teaching something new to the pet, it makes it able to react in a less positive way.

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a chow chow dog is approximately 13 years.


Chow chow needs special care regarding its socialization and the way it is educated. Working with your docility and encouraging you from an early age to live with different people and animals of another species is essential to create a balanced dog that can be with your family at different times. You need to brush your chow chow frequently, as it can lose a lot of hair and even get “tufts” stuck in your body, leaving a different appearance than expected. Pay attention to the “folds” of your face: they must not be damp and need to be cleaned with specific products daily.


Chow chow has a somewhat bleak past. It was common for their meat (considered a delicacy) to be sold to Chinese restaurants that use dog meat for human consumption. Her skin, at the time, was seen as an object of luxury and very well paid in the local market. Chow chow is one of the few dogs that has a bluish tongue, tending to black.

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