All About Your Clumber Spaniel

He is loyal, affectionate and with great enthusiasm for work and play.

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Created in France, the Clumber is one of the largest Spaniels and features a peculiar large head and heavy body. It is one of the original breeds that were recognized by the Kennel Club Americano (AKC) in 1883, although it was never very common. The lineage was popular in the 20th century, but its fame waned as faster field Spaniels, like Cocker, became more popular. Theories suggest that the Basset Hound may have contributed to its development at some point, which would be reflected in its short legs. Its height can reach 51 centimeters, while its weight varies between 25 and 38 kilos.


Its coat is smooth, dense and of medium length. It does not need special care, a regular brushing is already a good size. It is important for parents to inspect the coat for ticks and thorns in cases of contact with weeds. Its most common color is white with orange.


Most Spaniels need a lot of special care during their lives: ears, coat, eyes and skin are fragile, especially in hot climates. Unfortunately, a dog of the breed is unlikely to have a life without needing care in at least one of these areas. In addition, the Clumber Spaniel is Ectropion, which is when the eyelids become loose and droopy, which can cause infection at the site. In some cases, the problem may require the pet to undergo corrective surgery.


The Clumber Spaniel is an excellent company. He is loyal, affectionate and with great enthusiasm for work and play. The dog of the breed can live peacefully alongside other pets, however, like other breeds, socialization is recommended from an early age. Clumber is not dissatisfied with staying indoors or out, but he loves being in the same environment as the family. Sometimes he can be reserved with strangers, but he is hardly aggressive.


Clumber, according to experts, is the easiest to train member of the Spaniel family. He is usually not stubborn and learns the lessons passed by the trainer with extreme ease. In the book “The Intelligence of Dogs”, by Stanley Coren, the breed is ranked among the 40 most intelligent in the world.

Life Expectancy

The breed has a life expectancy between 10 and 12 years.


Being a bit lazy by nature, the Clumber Spaniel needs encouragement to practice physical activities. His parents should dedicate a little bit of time to play or hike with him. This breed tends to gain weight easily, so in addition to exercise, it is necessary to follow an adequate diet to prevent the development of joint and disc problems.

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