All About Your Collie

Very delicate, smart and intelligent

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Famous for the role of “Lassie”, the Collie is one of the most popular dogs in the world. This sheepdog raised in Britain is loyal and very cooperative with his human parents, standing out as one of the most obedient breeds of all. Collies are usually very tolerant and get on well with various animals, adapting to both the urban environment and farms very easily. The breed is very fond of sports and activities that they can do together with their family. Its long fur is striking and gives a special touch to this loving dog.


Although the long-haired Collie is the most well-known, the breed also has the short haired variation, called smooth haired Collie, not so popular, but excellent for water activities. Collies are usually marten (golden with white), but variations are accepted as black with white (known as bi-black), tricolor and merles. You need to brush them at least twice a week. Otherwise, they may develop knots or show an intense shedding of hair (which is prevented by the mechanical removal of dead hair).


Stay tuned! Collies have a genetic tendency and are intolerant to certain medications such as avermectins. Do not use any product on your pet without first consulting a veterinarian! Collies may have CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly), a hereditary disease that affects their vision, in addition to heart problems and dermatitis. Joint diseases, such as osteochondrosis (calcification of cartilage) and dysplasias may also be present in the genetics of these pets.


Very delicate, smart and intelligent, the collie is usually very sociable with people and other animals. Attached to their human parents, they tend to be sensitive when they get scolded or spend many hours alone. Be patient and be kind to him. Despite being a herding dog, he is not usually insistent in this regard with humans and other pets. Avoid encouraging your collie to chase animals if he is not trained for grazing. In general, they are usually peaceful.


Always willing to do whatever his human parents ask, the collie stands out for being very obedient and intelligent. He usually learns quickly the commands he is taught and likes to show that he has learned them even for visits.

Life Expectancy

A Farm Collie, a shepherd, tends to live approximately 12 years, while a home collie can reach 15 in good health. That’s because those who do very intense physical activities can age more quickly.

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