All About Your English Cocker Spaniel

One of the main points of the English Cocker dog is the energy!

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Initially, the English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel were considered to be one breed. Only in 1946 were they separated, when their physical and personality differences were finally recognized. Only in Latin America is the English Cocker Spaniel the most popular. The dog from the movie Lady and the Tramp, for example, is an American cocker, although many of us associate directly with English (much more familiar to us).


The English Cocker Spaniel dog has a long hair, mainly on the ears and part under the belly, where the breed is left with a kind of “skirt”. Cockers do not usually lose much hair, but they must be combed with some frequency in order to avoid the formation of knots. The breed is accepted in different colors such as black, blue roan, orange roan, liver roan, black and cinnamon, sable, black and white, tricolor etc.


For English Cockers of mixed colors, the main problem is deafness. In the case of solid colors, the most worrying is elbow dysplasia and patellar rupture (kind of knee dislocation). Many specimens of the breed suffer for years from ear infections. Because they have large, drooping ears, they are an invitation to the accumulation of wax, inflammation and parasites.

Inspect your cocker’s ear frequently, in addition to keeping it turned to air for a few minutes a day (there are accessories like snoods that also help to keep them from getting dirty or wet).


One of the main points of the English Cocker dog is the energy! They love to run, play and have fun. Playing with a Cocker is getting tired before they do. In addition, they love to stay with their family. Cockers can be very destructive dogs, so doing physical and mental activities daily is essential for them.


They are intelligent and easy dogs to learn commands. But, because they are very energetic, it is difficult to get their attention during training. This part requires a lot of dedication from the tutor, who must use calm words, pleasures and snacks to attract him.

Life Expectation

The life expectancy of an English Cocker Spaniel is 12 to 14 years.


The English Cocker puppy’s big ear requires cleaning every week. Problems such as ear infections cause great pain and discomfort for the puppy, which can make him appear irritable and even aggressive in some cases. In addition, it is important that you go outdoors every day and move around a lot. If you do not have time to walk at least an hour with your pet, offer alternatives in your home to meet this need.


Despite being a long-haired breed, English Cockers are as resistant to heat as they are to cold. The English Cocker Spaniel has a much stronger hunting instinct than the American version. The best type of toy for dogs of this breed are the most resistant, because they like to play so much that they can end up spoiling everyone who is weaker, since they are quite anxious in this moment of relaxation.

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