All About Your Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is considered by many to be the “dog of dreams”

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Of British origin, known for being very docile and companion, the Golden Retriever is considered by many to be the “dog of dreams”. Very intelligent, ready to learn tricks and often used as guide dogs, the Golden is an active dog who likes to help and please everyone (including those he doesn’t know so well). He loves tricks and needs a lot of attention and time to spend his energy. He is also a great swimmer and the favorite of several families, something that has made his popularity very high in recent decades worldwide.


The height varies from

51 to 61 cm


Weight varies from

27 to 36 kg


Golden Retriever hairs are, as the name implies, golden yellow and very dense and semi-long. They do not usually form knots, but they need to be brushed frequently.


The breed started to become very popular in the last decades and this ended up causing several health problems for these dogs. This is because of the inappropriate crossing between their specimens. If you have a Golden Retriever, you need to pay special attention to problems such as: hip dysplasia – which affects the pet’s hip, causing pain and locomotion problems -, elbow dysplasia (“wrong fit” of the elbow joint) and eye diseases, especially cataracts. In addition, problems such as cardiomyopathy, entropion and aortic stenosis are problems that have been seen with considerable frequency in dogs of this breed recently. Skin problems such as allergies and dermatitis are also common, mainly due to the Golden Retriever’s dense hair and its adoration of water (they need to be very dry after bathing and swimming).


The Golden Retriever is known as one of the most docile and companion dogs that exists today. He is known for being naturally devoted to his family, always enjoying pleasing those he loves. It is also a very agitated dog, which demands physical and mental exercises daily, loves to play and gets along very well with children and other dogs. His way of being a little too playful, however, may not please everyone, causing the goldens to get into some trouble because of this. Anyway, socializing the pet from a puppy is essential for it to be always so receptive, otherwise, it may be too protective and dislike when other animals approach their human parents.


Dogs of this breed are considered to be of great intelligence. In addition to being often used as therapy dogs and guide dogs for the blind and those with motor disabilities, the Golden Retriever is an obedient dog. Despite being very active, he manages to look good in some moments when you need to be calm. They learn tricks and games easily, especially if they involve searching and bringing things by mouth. They are capable of performing clever tricks especially when it comes to competitive obedience. Because he is a dog that is very eager to please, he will also want to learn the tricks and rules for just that.


As mentioned earlier, Golden Retriever dogs are suffering from several health problems. To ensure the best for your dog, it is good, if possible, to do a genetic mapping of your dog, which can help him live longer. Currently, the life expectancy of this breed is around 10 and 13 years.


The main care that should be taken with a Golden Retriever dog is regarding its hair. Because they have a very dense coat, especially in the heat, they can suffer from dermatitis and other skin problems. It is necessary to brush their hair frequently and give regular baths. Water activities are very fun for goldens and can be critical to the health of these pets. Swimming aids in muscle strengthening, heart health and weight maintenance. Talk to your pet’s veterinarian to find out if he is able to perform this type of exercise. He will surely love it!


The golden retriver became more famous around the world after the premiere of the movie “Bud the Friendly Dog”, in which a specimen of the breed was an incredible basketball player who helped his tutor Josh to make friends and get back on top. The success of the feature film was so great that it won some sequels later. Its color should vary from cream to gold, but it should not be white or red. The breed was previously called golden flat-coat. Many breeders believe that the breed first arose from the crossing of eight Russian circus dogs brought to England during a trip.

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