Assemble a Pet First-Aid Kit

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A very common tool in many homes is the first-aid kit, which contains necessary emergency items – such as medication, gauze, tape, among others.

Just like the kit for humans, it is important to assemble a pet first-aid kit, after all, accidents with furry animals cannot be predicted. No pet parent would like to experience situations in which their little friend is hurt, however, it is recommended to be prepared.

The importance of a first-aid kit

It is of the animal nature that dogs are curious and mischievous, for this reason, they are more likely to hurt themselves, even indoors.

The kit is used to treat small injuries such as scratches, bites, superficial cuts, among other emergencies. However, it is important to assess the severity of the injury, without giving up taking the dog for a medical evaluation.

In cases of serious injuries, the pet first-aid kit can contribute to the rescue of the animal. While waiting for veterinary care, the parent can perform basic care.

Currently, it is possible to find several specific products for pets, so do not assemble the kit with items for human use. In fact, don’t forget to periodically check the validity of the products and take them with you when you travel.

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Checklist for pet first-aid kit

Your ultimate checklist of items needed to assemble the pet first-aid kit:

Gauze or bandage
Neutral soap
Hydrogen peroxide
Pointless scissors
Needle-free syringe or dropper for medication administration
Latex Gloves
Painkillers and anti-inflammatories
Diarrhea medication
Healing ointments
Bitter spray to prevent the dog from licking the wounds
Elizabethan necklace

Additional recommendations for the pet first-aid kit

Do you usually store the pet first-aid kit in a closet? Regardless of the location chosen, ensure that all members of the household know where the items are stored, for emergency events.

We also recommend that all the pet’s documentation is kept close to the kit, as well as the vaccination card and booklet with contact information for the veterinarian or hospital.

Another tip is to always have essential items close by to transport the animal, such as collars, guides and transport box.

Your pet got hurt, what to do?

An injured animal can act instinctively, adopting aggressive behaviors to try to protect themself. In such cases, they may attack the tutor or someone else who tries to help them.

The first thing to do is to remain calm and restrain the animal very carefully. If they are very aggressive, use the muzzle to perform the service. Another option is to ask a person to pet or talk to the pet to distract them.

To perform first-aid, clean the wound with warm, soapy water to remove dirt and germs. Then, cut the hair with pointless scissors. Clean the area with hydrogen peroxide, however, do not apply the product directly to the lesion. Then, apply a healing ointment.

Dogs have a habit of licking themselves, so it is essential to protect the wound. Spray a bitter spray on the spot to prevent it from licking or use the Elizabethan collar.

Dog guardians do not want to see their friends sick or injured, so having a pet first-aid kit is essential to ensure comfort and safety.

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