How To Start Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth?

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They are big, playful, lively and very smart! Boxers can scare, right away, because of their size and their slightly wrinkled face, but contrary to what many imagine, they are quite affectionate and friends of the whole family.

Originally, they were created to play the role of medium-sized watchdog, but today they stand out a lot as companion dogs. The Boxer is a large and muscular dog that stands out for its docility and tolerance. Boxers are very fond of playing and most of the time, they forget their size and become clumsy, friendly and super funny.

Finger in the mouth:

Pass a tasty food on your finger and touch it to his gums, making circular movements, pleasant for the animal. Repeat the brief procedure once a day, gradually expanding the area of ​​action.

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When the animal accepts the gum massage well, apply a toothpaste suitable for animals on a gauze or on your own finger, making the same movements as the previous step.

Fingernail or toothbrush:

The next step is to exchange the gauze for a toothbrush. Make sure the pet is already fully accustomed to the touch in its mouth. Ideally, brushing should be performed daily. Learning is easier when the animal is still a puppy, but that does not mean that an adult pet cannot be taught as well. So, patience is the keyword.

Periodic prophylaxis:

Even with daily brushing, there may be an accumulation of tartar in places that are difficult to reach with a brush or fingertip and, therefore, a visit to a specialized veterinarian, for him to carry out periodic prophylaxis, is essential.

In addition to brushing with toothpaste, there are now several products that help us and much to keep pets’ mouths always clean. Some products, in gel form, are ideal for conditioning puppies or animals that do not yet have the habit of brushing. It can be applied to gauze and spread over the animal’s mouth. Based on sodium hexametaphosphate, green tea, thymol and menthol, these products help to clean the oral cavity, leaving a light mint aroma. Pets love it! So: what is missing for you to start brushing your furry friend?

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