Keep your Pet’s Hair Healthy

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We have a lot of love for our pets, don’t we? And that’s exactly why we always want to keep them happy and healthy, and that includes shiny and healthy hair. A shiny coat not only looks beautiful, but also reflects good health.

Healthy skin and hair involve proper care, from hygiene to food, directly affecting your pet’s appearance. We have separated here valuable tips to take very good care of your dog’s fur and dermis, check out:


The first step is to offer your pet an adequate diet, with nutritious ingredients. As it happens with humans, the lack of nutrients impacts the whole body. Hair, skin and nails are directly affected when there is a lack of some vitamins.

How do I know if my pet’s food is correct? For you to know the ideal amount of food, just look at the product packaging. There you will find the right amount according to the weight of the animal.

We always recommend a visit to the veterinarian, and in this specific cases, exams can determine if there is a lack of nutrients or vitamins in your pet’s body. In addition, the specialist will be able to recommend vitamin supplements, which help a lot in maintaining the animal’s health.

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As stated earlier, supplements are very important to keep your pet’s fur and skin healthy, always in conjunction with all other wellness measures.

Hair brushing

To take good care of the animal’s fur, frequent brushing is crucial. In addition to eliminating dead hair, brushing offers great benefits for your dog’s circulation, while making the hair brighter. Try brushing in the direction of hair growth and in the opposite direction for maximum benefits.

Correct shampoo

First check how often your pet should bathe, this can vary according to the type of coat, size of the animal and breed. When bathing, always use a shampoo according to your pet’s hair and skin type. Remember that before using any product it is necessary to check with the veterinarian, as some pets have dermatological issues that require specific types of shampoo.

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