The Importance Of Dog Wormers

Solving the worms problem is simple.

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All pet dogs have the possibility of being afflicted by a parasite. Be it external or internal. One of the most common and that usually cause a lot of headaches is worms. They, in most cases, affect the animal’s gastrointestinal system, but there is the possibility of affecting other important organs, such as the heart. What most commonly happens is that they cause diarrhea, with or without the evacuation of blood, in addition to vomiting, anemia that if left untreated can lead the animal to death.

Solving the worms problem is simple. It is enough to use vermifuges according to a veterinarian’s prescription. This type of medicine has the effect of removing the worms through evacuation, without necessarily killing them.

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How does the dog get worms?

The main way for a dog to contract worms is by eating something contaminated with the parasite’s eggs. This is because eggs are eliminated through the feces of contaminated dogs, so they can contaminate soil and water. Another common way of contracting worms is by drinking contaminated water. Therefore, the importance of always offering clean, chlorinated and filtered water to your pet. There are also some parasites that are infested by a transmitting agent, such as a mosquito or flea bite.

How to know if the dog has worms?

There are some signs that indicate the presence of worms in a dog’s body, the main one in animals of any age is the presence of parasites in feces. In puppies, the main sign is a very hard belly with a round shape. Adult dogs, when they have worms, usually have diarrhea and vomiting, but they are unspecific indications. If you notice that your dog is rubbing the anus on the floor, know that it is a common behavior in animals that have worms. Therefore, it is important that, at any of these signs, you take your pet to the veterinarian.

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