The Smartest Dog Breeds Here!

The intelligence of dogs is relative, don´t forget!

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To understand this ranking, you need to understand the criteria that were used to score dogs of different breeds.

Stanley Coren wrote the book “The Intelligence of Dogs” in which he mapped 133 breeds and organized a ranking from 1 to 79.

Remembering that “intelligence”, for Stanley Coren, is the “Intelligence of Obedience and Work”, and not the “Instinctive” intelligence of dogs, the ability to solve problems, etc. He checked how many times a command needs to be taught for a given breed before the dog answers.

And so he created the ranking:

1st – Border Collie

2nd – Poodle

3rd – German Shepherd

4th – Golden Retriever

5th – Doberman

6th – Shetland Shepherd

7th – Labrador

8th – Papillon

9th – Rottweiler

10th – Australian Cattle Dog 

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