Three Ways To Make A Dog Like A Bath

There are some very effective techniques to make a dog enjoy bathing

Canine dissatisfaction with baths is very common. If it depended only on these “little pigs”, they would go months and months without having contact with water, that is, they would have only with the tongue. Fortunately, there are some very effective techniques to make a dog enjoy bathing.

Use rewards

Definitely, the method of using rewards is the most effective in the vast majority of dog matters. Rewarding good behavior is the best way to teach a dog what is right and what is wrong. The idea is to make bath time a positive experience for him, after all, negative events bring negative results.

Have the right products for the job

It is essential that human parents have the appropriate tools to give a good bath in the pet. Remember that this can be a time of distress and stress for your dog, and having the right products can help you feel more comfortable.

Under no circumstances use shampoos for humans on the dog, as they can cause various skin problems in the dog. Use shampoos that are suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and sizes and has a neutral pH. 

You can also choose shampoos that contains keratin and wheat protein and have quick and easy drying rinse, able to streamline the entire procedure.

Pay attention to the environment

Finally, the place where the dog will be cleaned should be comfortable and safe. A very common mistake is placing the pet on a slippery and unpleasant surface, which can contribute to its repulsion. In addition, the water should never be too cold or too hot. Dogs are very sensitive to high or low temperatures. Therefore, the most recommended is that the water is warm.

It is worth mentioning that positive behavior together with the right products and environment are the main pillars for teaching a dog to enjoy bathing – or at least tolerating them.

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